Artwork > Family Game Night

For the past ten years I have chronicled the evolution
of my family as children were born and a foundation
in marriage took shape. My artwork has reflected the
development of this journey registering both the highs
and lows through the years.
My latest series Family Game Night takes a critical
look at the break down of a family unit through the
eyes of the children and their parents. I attempt to
capture the inevitable pitfalls that divorce settles upon
all involved using children's games. My work is not
meant to be a commentary on the status of
relationships in ruin, but instead focuses on the
unintended effects. Thematically children's games
present an outlet for the imagination and yet it seems
unavoidable that the disintegration of the family
should taint it as a possibility of escape. It has been
my own experience that even when fully cognizant of
the ill effects divorce can have on children and thus
striving to shield them to limit the damage, the nature
of the thing itself devastates. Family Game Night
depicts the turbulence that ensues against the
backdrop of innocence and hopes for a brighter

David Najib Kasir