David Najib Kasir : Contemporary Oil Paintings
Madonna & ChildShadows of the Left BehindSeparation in Kin to KinChild in WeightCity of Stars & TentsLost MothersTwo Minute WarningThe Crossing of Father & Daughter (SOLD)What Was Lost in the RubbleDead Red SeaLandmines & TodlersUnder the Stars & Scars (SOLD)Shelter in Any DirectionSoldier & Sleepless ChildBreak Glass to ExitLittle Sister/ Blank BrotherBlood Sky HousingRings of SmokeA Son's Scar/ A Mother's PanicHidden in GenocideGirl in Blood & Ashes (SOLD)Subtract One from FourBoy of Dust & BloodMigrations of Sand & DustMinus the Homes of GhostsChild Fortune of No RegretsEconomy of Oil & WarConstruction of Destruction in Destructing of ConstructingBorderlines & Missing ParentsLife Jackets & Deep Breaths
30x30x30 2020
In January of 2020 I once again took part in Var Gallery's 30x30x30 Exhibition and created 30 pieces of art in 30 days with 30 other artists