David Najib Kasir : Contemporary Oil Paintings
White Helmets SaveDetail:
White Helmets SaveMissing Refugee GirlDetail:
Missing Refugee GirlWhite Helmet & ChildDetail:
White Helmet & ChildMissing Refugee Father & DaughterDetail:
Missing Refugee Father & DaughterSibling Refugees Refused EntryDetail:
Sibling Refugees Refused EntryFleeing Refugee Mother & ChildDetail:
Fleeing Refugee Mother & ChildRefugee Mother Rescues ChildDetail:
Refugee Mother Rescues ChildRefugee Mother & Child Trying To Stay WarmDetail:
Refugee Mother & Child Trying To Stay WarmRefugee Flees With Sister's ChildDetail:
Refugee Flees With Sister's ChildRefugee Mother With Starving ChildDetail:
Refugee Mother With Starving ChildAleppo/ Hellahb Mother In BloodDetail:
Aleppo/ Hellahb Mother In BloodAleppo/ Hellahb Wounded BoyDetail:
Aleppo/ Hellahb Wounded BoyAleppo/ Hellahb Baby In BandagesAleppo/ Hellahb Baby In BandagesAleppo/ Hellahb Wounded DaughterDetail:
Aleppo/ Hellahb Wounded DaughterAleppo/ Hellahb Bleeding FatherDetail:
Aleppo/ Hellahb Bleeding FatherAmputated Refugee Detail:
Amputated RefugeePraying/ Thankful Refugee ManDetail:
Praying/ Thankful Refugee ManMalnourished Refugee ManDetail:
Malnourished Refugee ManExhausted/ Teary Refugee ManDetail:
Exhausted/ Teary Refugee ManExhausted Refugee & InfantDetail:
Exhausted Refugee & InfantRefugee Father Escapes With DaughterDetail:
Refugee Father Escapes With DaughterExhausted Refugee Man/ Worried DaughterDetail:
Exhausted Refugee Man/ Worried DaughterRefugee Man Helps ChildrenDetail:
Refugee Man Helps ChildrenLife Jackets & RefugeesDetails:
Life Jackets & RefugeesRefugee Father & Child Escape Buildings In Rubble Detail:
Refugee Father & Child Escape Buildings In Rubble Refugee Child In Red ShirtDetail:
Refugee Child In Red ShirtOrphaned Refugee BoyDetail:
Orphaned Refugee BoyRefugee Siblings FleeDetail:
Refugee Siblings FleeRefugee Son With No KinDetail:
Refugee Son With No KinInfant In Rubble In Aleppo/HellahbDetail:
Infant In Rubble In Aleppo/Hellahb
30X30X30 Series
Syrian Arab Mosaic Framed Encaustic Paintings made for Var Gallery's annual 30X30X30 show for April of 2017. The Show showcases 30 artists to make 30 pieces in 30 days (of January)